In Touch, with Aspley & Woburn

Written by John Baker, of The Manor, Aspley Guise.

Upon moving to Aspley Guise, I didn’t feel that residents got enough information about issues that may affect them. So I put together some news letters and, with the help of a few volunteers, distributed them around the village and wider Aspley & Woburn ward.

I’ve been putting more recent content onto my Facebook page, so residents can more easily engage, comment & share.

October 2016

Stop press: Support the Aspley Guise pre-school, a registered charity, by attending their Quiz Night at the village hall on Saturday 14th October. Doors open 7.30pm, tickets are £5, come with or without a team (of 6) and bring your own booze. Refreshments & snacks will be provided. Email Claire for more details.

Would like to see better commuter rail services from Ridgmont, Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands to London?

If you’d like to see Aspley Guise on VE day, have a look at this old colour film.

September 2016

The Aspley Guise Neighbourhood Plan group has held its first public meeting.

The 23 day road closure, was it a glimpse into the future?

And finally, does the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway offer a bypass for Aspley Guise?

August 2016

The Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner has responded to my letter and the feedback is not overly positive.

There is no support for a 20mph speed limit in the village because there is not a traffic calming scheme (despite the two being mutually exclusive), and no support for enforcing the 7.5T Gross Weight Restriction unless (and I quote) “it related to significant threat, harm and risk or were in locations that were considered KSI (killed or seriously injured) hotspots”.

Or in other words, no-one has been killed yet, so no action is required.

In other news, one resident has cut road verges because CBC’s contractor appears to have failed.

July 2016

I’ve written to CBC and asked them to think carefully about how they could work together with MKC to tackle the excess traffic problem in Aspley Guise.

I’ve written to the Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner reference lorries ignoring the 7.5 tonne weight limit in Aspley Guise, and the lack of a 20mph speed limit.

And residents of Aspley Heath start to contact me and explain that the CBC drain, grass cutting and street cleaning issues affect them too.

June 2016

Allotment provision for the residents of Aspley Guise.

An update on the 23 day road closure, flooding, A421 and traffic calming.

May 2016

Bedford Road, 23 day road closure?!

The perils of ‘lamping’ south of the village.

And finally, for a suggested donation of £20/year, enjoy some tennis with your family & friends on a full sized court (whilst supporting your excellent local pre-school). The courts have been cleaned, vegetation cut back and new lines painted. Contact for more details.

April 2016

Residents of Church Street & Salford Road have noticed a new CBC provided “car park” and sent me photographs.

Woburn Sands Library, our local library, is now operating reduced opening hours & staffing.

And the pre-school committee battle lions & tigers to clear a tennis court for our children.

March 2016

Residents update, including news on the proposal to build four homes off Bedford Road.

Central Bedfordshire Council embark on another attempt to agree a Local Plan, after the last one was shredded by a Planning Inspector for failing to co-operate with neighbouring authorities.

February 2016

So what is PlanMK?

Residents survey and a summary of survey responses, a story from Salford Road concerning CBC’s “in-fill” policy and connecting Aspley Guise to the Grand Union Canal!