Our local library: reduced operating hours

As a Computer Science student of the early Internet age, I never thought I’d see the day where I once again found myself in a library.

Now, as a parent, I recently found myself walking to Woburn Sands library with my young son on a Saturday morning to exchange his books. Upon my arrival, I found a bright, warm library and my son embarked on a half an hour book selection process. And he said hello to some other children that he knew from pre-school too, making it a social destination for parents.

However, Milton Keynes Council can not afford to keep all of its libraries open full time. As a result, the library is now offering reduced opening hours and will be led by one part time member of staff supported by volunteers. MK Council would also like local Parishes to step in and assist – financially and/or through promoting the resource to source volunteers..

The library is a resource that, once gone, will not return. The laws of the land make it difficult for them to raise money (as I understand, they can not charge fees for lending) so the future of our library does require the involvement of Parish Councils and local people.

If you’re interested in supporting the library, do get in touch with their volunteers.


A new car park for Aspley Guise

Residents on Church Street and Salford Road have noticed a new car park – one provisioned by CBC via the Aspley Guise “in-fill” policy. A resident wrote about this in February, and I’ve attached some photographs outlining the current state of play on a week day. The tradesman have even sectioned off a little area of road for the foreman’s car!

Sarcasm aside, the thirty or so cars and numerous lorries parking on Church Street are hard working tradesman delivering in-fill as promoted by CBC’s “in-fill” policy – providing homes for people who wish to work in Milton Keynes or London and live in Aspley Guise.

We can’t blame the tradesman for delivering the homes required to support the expansion of the national & local economy, but it is worth noting that CBC have allocated no land for development around Aspley Guise and hence uncontrolled development is taking place within Aspley Guise instead.

And how much money are developers contributing to Aspley Guise? Each small development, one or a few homes, does not attract a Community Infrastructure Levy (previously S106 contribution), which is the payment on new developments to support infrastructure (roads, school upgrades, etc), so the developers are essentially paying nothing towards roads & schools.

In comparison, the “Milton Keynes tariff” imposed on planned development ensured they could deliver infrastructure before developers had a chance to dig a hole.