Verge cutting meltdown: Resident to the rescue!

In 2016, CBC awarded the contract to cut 1,100Km of verges (outside of the village 30mph zone) to a new contractor. Unfortunately, the contractor does not appear to have the correct equipment (ie tractors), and whilst CBC’s website states they should provide three cuts per year, many verges have had not been cut at all.

Concerned at the risk of lions & tigers hiding in the overgrowth, Aspley Guise resident Brian Clarke jumped on board his 30 year old tractor and cut many verges outside of the 30mph zone to ensure they were cut once this year.

I’ve reviewed the contractor’s company details at Companies House and they only have a single set of accounts filed, which do not appear to indicate the level of assets required to purchase tractors & equipment to deliver such a huge contract.

So if this is the case, who agreed such a large and public facing contract without carrying out the due diligence checks that, presumably, anyone could carry out with a simple check of Companies House records?