What is PlanMK?

Plan:MK is a proposal to expand Milton Keynes Borough to accommodate the new homes and employment required for its continued economic growth.

It does not mean bulldozers and high rise blocks of flats, but sensible, planned expansion. Just look at Woughton On The Green, Woolstones, Great Linford and Walton Park (etc) for examples of successful planning, and then compare with Aspley Guise – with a busy road running through it, poor public footpath provision (no “redways”), and Central Bedfordshire Counicl Planning Policies that are creating a village denser than a typical MK housing estate.

Aspley Guise directly benefits from MK’s growth, facilities and employment. Yet, for decades, MK has often had an unfair hearing by bodies claiming to represent the residents of Aspley Guise. Hence, I decided to carry out a survey of the village to encourage some debate, and to discover whether residents had been directly consulted on the positive aspects of MK expansion.